Have your groceries delivered in under 15mins with Foodpanda’s new service

All you Foodpanda users might have noticed a new feature introduced back in October 2019 called Pandamart. It’s essentially an on-demand delivery service for groceries, health foods, household essentials, beauty products and even flowers.

Fast-forward to today, and the service now features an even wider variety of retail partners—you’ll find the likes of FairPrice Xtra, Cheers, GNC, Ryan’s Grocery and more on it.

But the bigger deal is the brand new launch of Pandanow, that essentially functions like Pandamart, but is available 24/7 with an average delivery time of, get this, 15mins. Realised you forgot to buy a key ingredient halfway through preparing dinner? Just have someone deliver it to you in a snap.

The only catch is that Pandanow taps on Foodpanda’s own warehouse inventory instead of those from its retail partners. This means you’ll find a more limited selection compared to what’s available via Pandamart.

Still, it’s an industry-first, and the fact that you never need to worry about running out of shampoo again—even if you only realised it while showering at 3am—is a huge plus.

With five working Pandanow warehouses spread across Singapore and with more to come, we can only imagine stepping out of our homes to be even less necessary than before.

More info here.