Bridging beauty and strength in their luxury series

G-SHOCK continues to expand and upgrade their luxury MR-G Series, delving into the history of ancient Japan for stylistic inspiration this time. Perfect for those in search of a sturdy companion, or simply for the joy of savvy watch collectors, the three new MRG-B2000 boast absolute toughness and classical beauty.

Now available in selected G-SHOCK stores, the three additions to G-SHOCK’s high-end line see a traditional Japanese scale pattern used on the dial surface, with its outer periphery cut to evoke a semblance of the Japanese fan or folding screen.



Their sleek indices with a grind-mark finish echo the gentle curvatures of a samurai sword, showcasing beautifully rendered edges and curved surfaces unique to the nano-processing technology of Yamagata CASIO, where this top-of-the-line series is made.



Generously decked in black-and-red accents, the MRG-B2000B-1A4DR incorporates the theme of Akazonae – a special military unit during Japan's Warring States Period. Exuding power and excellence, the bold red is an ode to the distinct uniform red of Japanese elite troops, still very much a symbol of strength in their culture.



All three models feature a mirror finishing on the case and part of the band, featuring Sallaz polishing topped with a dual-layer hardened coating. The watches are further embellished with glare-resistant coated sapphire crystals.



Combining functionality and style, these solar-powered watches employ gold-plated retainer plates to reduce electrical resistance and support radio-controlled calibration for accurate time adjustments. Pair your watch with your smartphone through the MR-G Connected mobile app to unlock a variety of Mobile Link functions that are bound to delight any practical multi-taskers.


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