Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day

In two weeks, we celebrate Father’s Day – and we thoroughly understand just how hard it can be to find the perfect gift for dad, especially if we’re painfully trying to avoid the overdone and extremely cliché go-to choices of cufflinks, wallets, socks, ties, and the like.

So if you still haven’t found a gift for your dad, we’ve got just the selection of gifts for you to consider.




, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


You best hope dad’ll be in a sharing mood once you present this sweet treat over dessert. This Father’s Day, BreadTalk honours the strongest men of our lives with two limited-edition curations: Chocolate Papamint and Hero Dad. Both cakes feature a pillow-soft chocolate chiffon cake base, layered with dark chocolate mousse. Chocolate Papamint delivers a refreshing wisp of mint in each bite, while Hero Dad is an elevated classic cake dressed in a dapper suit and tie.

To celebrate Father’s Day, BreadTalk is also partnering Xbox to give away a Series S, 12-month Game Pass Ultimate, and BreadTalk gift vouchers. Head over to their site now to order up a gift for your dad and find out how to win him and yourself some extra goodies this season.




, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


The gift of a timepiece is, as always, a lasting, thoughtful choice. And if your dad is anything like the most fathers we know, any watch he wears is going to have to withstand all manners of abuse.

The new Casio GA-B2100 series boasts a Carbon Core Guard Structure, which protects their slim and compact modules with a carbon-fibre-reinforced resin case that can shrug off any blows, is entirely shock-resistant, and is water-resistant up to 200 metres. They’re also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity features, built-in solar powering unit, a dual LED display, and auto time adjustment.




, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


Whether your dad is a certified gym rat, or looking to step up his fitness, these sustainable picks from Decathlon will surely take his wellness routine to the next level.

For a few quick reps any and everywhere, get him the Fitness 4-in-1 Push Up Bar Corength, which is easy to pack and transport. Pair it with the NH550 Hiking T-shirt, a quality sweat-wicking tee that keeps him cool and comfortable throughout his workout. Dress him from head to toe and let him run the mile with the Jogflow 500.1, a lightweight and fast, stable running shoe for any run or race. Most parts of the Jogflow are made of recycled polyester, thus providing a durable shoe for his trackstar needs while reducing our impact on the environment.




, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


Beat the warm, humid, sweltering heat and treat your dad to a taste of Italy simultaneously this June. As part of an exclusive Father’s Day deal, GelatiAmo will be offering every second cup of gelato at 50% off from 18 – 19 Jun. Freshly made in small batches daily with organic milk, seasonal fruits, and premium spices, their variety of authentic flavours include Burrata Balsamico, Limoncello, and Champagne Grapefruit. Dad’s a traditional one? Reach for the Kaya & Toast creation then.


Huan by Chantelle


, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


No one should have to drink wine from a flimsy, plastic cup – especially not if you’re planning to propose a toast to your dad. Crafted by local design studio Huan by Chantelle, these iridescent wine glasses are specially tinted with clear rainbow hues, offering that extra bit of twinkly buzz with each swirl, sniff, and sip. Each set comes with four glasses packed in a fit-for-the-‘gram holographic box, and each glass is adorned with a coloured Swarovski crystal that serves as differentiating wine markers.




, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


There’s no celebration without cake, so lean into your dad’s sweet tooth this year with a luscious Baby Chocolate Mousse Cake that he won’t be able to resist. Baked entirely with plant-based ingredients, this cake is made without eggs, dairy, gluten, soy, or nuts – a healthful recipe that satiates even the sugary cravings of vegans and the health-conscious. The top-layer ganache that blankets that exquisite treat is handmade with Callebaut’s NXT Dark Chocolate and laden with a fragrant rice-coconut mousse. Who said healthy never tastes good?


Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks


, Gift Ideas to surprise your dad with this Father’s Day


They say food is the way to one’s heart – a foolproof gift even for a man of few words. So bond over quality snacks and get chomping on Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks’ Parent’s Day Bundle, which comes with their best-selling Sweet Plum Potato Fries and Freshmade Drinks. The casual takeaway chain is also giving away an urban farming kit from now – 30 Jun that promises your dad a successful harvest – no green thumb required. imply Every purchase of a Parent’s Day Bundle entitles you to a chance to win, so get to placing your orders already.