Never carry home a shopping bag again with this new concierge service

Online shopping, food delivery, grocery shopping, on-demand laundry services, home-cleaning students… what a time to be alive. Menial tasks are turning into services we can pay for. We’re turning into a lazy bunch, aren’t we? Now, local start-up Honestbee is introducing a new pilot drop-off concierge delivery service for consumers who patronize Suntec City.

They’ve been one-upping themselves for a while now. Last year, they hopped onto the food delivery bandwagon and even took on three hawker centers to help you “dabao” food, so you don’t have to brave the heat for some good local nosh. This new service by Honestbee, which will only run for an ongoing trial period till Apr 30, leverages their current strength—their delivery fleet.

Shop all you want at Suntec City, and if you’re too lazy to bring everything home yourself, or if you have other nighttime activities where the bags will be nothing but a hindrance, then drop them off at one of three concierge booths. As long as they fit into Honestbee’s delivery tote boxes ($5 for every additional box used), everything except food and perishables is fair game (no weight limit too!).

You can get your stuff delivered to your place on the same day for $15, or $12 for next day delivery, anytime between 1-11pm daily. And yes, we know what you’re wondering—they do allow you to drop off various bags at various booths in a day. You don’t necessarily need to consolidate everything at one booth.

The three booths are located at outside Tokyu Hands (#02-306) in the West Wing, outside Owndays (#02-465) in the North Wing and outside Candy Empire (#02-306) in the East Wing. All you need to do is open the Honestbee app, key in your postal code, select  “Goodship Suntec” or “Goodship Suntec Next Day” under Groceries and choose the time you want your stuff to be delivered.