Paying homage to Asia’s natural environment and unique culture, the collection features exciting collaborations with four talented local designers

For over four decades, RISIS has made a name for themselves with their artisanal 24K gold-plated natural jewellery and objects that boast immaculate hand-craftsmanship. Launching the first of their bi-annual seasonal collections, the brand forges ahead with a new chapter, presenting refreshed pieces to complement the everyday styles of modern women around the world.

Named The Botanique, their Spring/Summer 2022 Collection displays the brand’s new approach that aim to bring fashion, art, and nature together. Inspired by the buzz of life in our Botanic Gardens, The Botanique’s five-piece collection features a diverse depiction of vivid architecture, birds, dragonflies, and butterflies.



Masterfully designed and handcrafted, RISIS’ signature Orchids take their cues from fashion seasons and are unrelenting champions of the region’s cultures and natural wonders.

Each of the four iconic RISIS Signature Orchids Species symbolises a different trait of the contemporary woman’s multi-faceted profile: the Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi Orchid embodies the spirit of creativity and adventure, the Vanda Limbata Orchid radiates sophistication, the Vanda Miss Joaquim Orchid exalts modern femininity, and the Ascocenda Sagarik Orchid exudes nothings but glamour.



The RISIS X TRIOLOGIE collaboration highlights the Phalaenopsis Cornu Cervi orchid, taking us on a journey through Singapore’s stories and preserving a piece of our nation’s history. This three-piece collection incorporates the beauty of Peranakan traditions with its Kerongsang-inspired brooch, a long necklace reminiscent of an Aceh belt, and a bold statement ring. The collection’s five dark red petals and white lip were inspired by the Singapore flag and its five stars, manifesting the country’s five core values through specially designed handcrafted five-petal chains.



The RISIS X LINGWU collection showcases the Vanda Limbata orchid, drawing inspiration from a compass and a Victorian man’s pocket watch to produce the Compass of Life Medallion. Effortlessly sophisticated and stylish, the collection displays a quality of “New Sophistication” for women today.



The RISIS X STOLEN collection presents our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid. Redefining femininity and strength, the collection’s fluid style allows women with different preferences to find their expression in each creation. The range features avant-garde designs of Art Deco geometric lines and shapes in a transformable signature necklace, intricate ear cuff, and cascading statement brooch.



The RISIS X LAICHAN series taps into the glamorous beauty of the Ascocenda Sagarik orchid, featuring Lai Chan’s signature style of understated allure, flair for glamour, and whimsical imagination. This three-piece collection presents an artful amalgamation of nature’s intricacies, immaculate attention to details, and the splendorous tapestry of alluring flora.


Now available islandwide!


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