A new farm-to-table option arrives in Singapore

Give your body the nutrients it needs and the love it deserves with Naturally Natured Australia (NNA), a farm-to-table experience that allows people to shop more mindfully and sustainably.



NNA officially arrives on the shores of Singapore, bringing us access to a new category of fresh ingredients that are both more flavourful and nutritiously richer than the standard produce. Here, you’ll expect to find fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables, grass-fed lamb, goat, and beef, alongside dairy, seafood, and bush foods – all of which are flown in weekly from Western Australia.



For one, NNA’s products are sourced from their own organic farms in the pristine landscapes of Western Australia. Crops are cultivated through regenerative farming methods, making for optimum nutritious produce that are free of chemicals, fertilisers, heavy metals, and are stringently tested for vitamins and minerals.

The results are pure and delicious ingredients that help boost your health.



Apart from their health benefits, NNA produce is characterised by clear indications of quality and freshness, including a longer shelf life, superior taste and texture, as well as vibrancy in colour.

Answering to the increasing consciousness and demand for authenticity in consumer food intake, all NNA produce include QR scans with which consumers can learn more about their nutritional values.

Naturally Nurtured Australia’s product range is available for purchase at select Cold Storage outlets islandwide, as well as e-commerce platforms including Shopee and Lazada.


For more information, visit their website here.