Find the best currency exchange rates with zero transaction fees on YouTrip

As international borders start opening up again, the omnipresent hum of travel plans has stepped forth as a new trending topic of interest with everyone. With that, we’ve also started getting back in touch with our personal currency exchange strategies and keeping ourselves exchange savvy – so that, y’know, we’ll not have lost our edge when the time comes for us to have our own passports scanned.

Here to enhance to our travel experiences is Singapore’s first multi-currency mobile wallet with a prepaid Mastercard that allows us to pay in over 150 currencies, without additional charges. Launched in 2018, YouTrip has since amassed over 1.5 million downloads and processed close to 20 million transactions. The reliable mobile app also supports in-app foreign exchanges of 10 currencies, making it extremely convenient for users to lock in competitive exchange rates anytime, anywhere.

With just a swipe on the app, we’re able to easily exchange and store currencies whenever we encounter good rates. Constantly updated, YouTrip’s rates are as close to real-time exchange rates as it gets. With it, we can also now perform currency exchange 24/7!


, Find the best currency exchange rates with zero transaction fees on YouTrip


Completely free to use, simply download YouTrip, register and get verified, and your physical card will be in the mail within the following weeks. The app requires no minimum income and contains no account fall-below or annual membership fees. In fact, they even guarantee 0% in admin and processing fees, and 0% markups on Wholesale Exchange Rates for all 150+ currencies, so we can freely go cashless overseas without the concern of additional or hidden bank fees.

All that is needed is for us to top-up the card via PayNow or with any Singapore debit or credit card to start spending and enjoying the best deals and rebates on their extensive list of local and international merchants.


, Find the best currency exchange rates with zero transaction fees on YouTrip


Taking convenience another step further, we can now send money through 10 different currencies to other YouTrip users instantly with YouTrip Send – with real-time exchange rates, zero fees, and no lag time or delays.

In a move to enhance awareness and security, YouTrip delivers instant transaction notifications so we’ll never ever miss out on any expense, and any wrong or suspicious transaction will be detected immediately. They’ve also employed a 3-Domain Secure 2.0 (3DS 2.0) authentication protocol to ensure security for all our transactions. In the event of missing YouTrip cards, they can be simply locked and unlocked on the app to avoid fraudulent transactions.


For more information on this groundbreaking app, visit YouTrip’s website here.

iOS users may download the app here. For Android users, download it here.