Where you get to attend drone workshops, challenge LED obstacle courses, participate in drone races and much more

Drones have gained a huge following with the modern generation as they tickle our technological curiosities and present mind-blowing images. And even as many of us can still only fantasize about own and flying one of those exciting gadgets, we can now take it up a notch and enjoy it indoors – with all the comforts of close-quarters flying, the relief of experiencing zero flyaways, and complete freedom from any aviation regulations.

Best of all? You get to fly them anytime, day or night, come rain or shine.



Enter ThrottleUp Arena, Singapore’s very first indoor drone arena opening its doors at OUE Downtown Gallery from 29 Apr – 08 May. Conveniently located in the heart of our city, the indoor space spans over a whopping 100 sqm and is open to both first-time fliers and professionals alike.



Head down to the arena to pick up the basics of flying micro drones, brush up on your piloting skills, or even participate in and experience some exciting mini drone races. The space even provides Basic Drone Workshops as well as intimate Party Packages for you to fly with your family and friends.



Besides flying through a free-and-easy open area with marker cones, visitors can choose to test their piloting skills with a preset Tinywhoop Drone Track. Various obstacles are placed strategically along the track, made of hoops, cones, poles, tunnels, and everyday furniture for that ultimate piloting test.



For a full night-racing experience, challenge the LED Drone Track and weave through a kaleidoscopic obstacle course lit up by vibrant LED lights.


To register a spot for your group or find more information, visit ThrottleUp Arena’s website here.