Logitech G empowers all with the new Aurora Collection

In a world increasingly defined by degrees of digital presence, the realm of cyber games and digital entertainment is witnessing an amazing boom – and by the looks of it, they’re just getting started. Now a societal norm, cyber gaming is no longer associated with characteristics and qualities they used to carry barely a decade ago.

Leading the charge in this new age, global IT brand Logitech champions even greater inclusivity with the launch of their new Aurora Collection by Logitech G, the brand’s line of industry-leading products specifically made for gamers of all levels.


, Logitech G empowers all with the new Aurora Collection


Designed to be gender inclusive, the Aurora Collection addresses the needs and wants of women who game, while still appealing to most other gamers who’re looking for fresh experiences and some new, playful designs.

Featuring the G735 Wireless Gaming Headset, G715 Wireless Gaming Keyboard, G713 Gaming Keyboard, G705 Wireless Gaming Mouse, and eight custom accessories, the new collection boasts a distinct aesthetic and design language – that gamers can personalise to elevate them further with unique touches of accessories and colours.


, Logitech G empowers all with the new Aurora Collection


And of course, the Aurora Collection also includes Logitech G’s advanced gaming grade technology, like their LIGHTSPEED high-performance wireless and Blue VOICE microphone.

Moving away from stereotypical expectations of premium gaming gear, Logitech G’s new offerings showcase the brand’s ability to present comfort, approachability, and self-expression while catering to the needs of an under-represented group of gamers and reimagining the future of gaming.

Along with this new collection, gamers are also treated to a special-edition Blue Yeti premium USB microphone in two new colourways – Pink Dawn and White Mist – and exclusive Aurora Collection stream overlays from Streamlabs included with the Yeti mics.


Get your hands on this revolutionary collection or find out more on Logitech G’s website here.