Netflix rides Circles.Life’s #3dollarballer wave for a spontaneous Stranger Things promo

Yesterday (Feb 28), Singaporeans in Raffles Place went absolutely nuts when a mysterious Cash Vending Machine popped out of nowhere in the busy district. Without any catch, all you needed to do was exchange $3 to get $50 (free money!). Local mobile virtual network operator Circles.Life has since revealed to be behind the publicity stunt for a new promotion.

, Netflix rides Circles.Life’s #3dollarballer wave for a spontaneous Stranger Things promo

However, they weren’t the only ones who were high on the sheer exposure it got them. The local team at Netflix have quickly hopped on the wave for an witty, super spontaneous and real-time marketing promo of Stranger Things. Similar to #3dollarballer, they “created” a makeshift vending machine where three chocolate bars would get you 50 baby Darts (you know, that baby demo-dog that Dustin was keeping and loved chocolate bars only to grow up into something hell-ish). They’ve even gone so far as to reply people on the Facebook post (those who commented using chocolate bar emojis) by editing their display pictures with baby Darts.  

Yes, it may have been a while since the second season was released, but Netflix flourishes in contextualizing their promos to appeal to Singaporeans. We’ve seen great ones for new seasons of The Crown, House of Cards, Stranger Things, Orange Is The New Black and more, so we’re not surprised at how quickly they can latch on to current goings-on in Singapore to make it their own.

We applaud both Netflix and Circles.Life for coloring our week with great campaigns. Turns out, the telco’s whole #3dollarballer stunt was to promote their new Unlimited Data on Demand option, where you can get unlimited mobile data for $3 a day on demand, without having to commit to any contract (receiving the $50 from the vending machine was just a tangible amount to show how far you can go with $3 on Circles.Life). All you need to do is to turn it on the CirclesCare mobile dashboard. You can learn more about it here.