The newly launched GrabPet means you can travel anywhere with your pet, anytime

Ever experienced the hassle of carting your beloved household pet around Singapore without your own car? Neither have we, but we imagine it can’t be very fun, what with cab drivers cancelling once they find out you’ve got a four-legged friend with you. Back in end-2017, the burden was slightly eased for a period of time, thanks to the introduction of UberPet. But then Ubergate happened and Uber Southeast Asia dissolved, leaving pet owners scrambling once more to find a safe, efficient way to travel with their pets.

But salvation has arrived. In a move pretty much everyone saw coming, Grab has announced a new on-demand, pet-friendly transportation service called GrabPet. Still in its Beta phase, the service will allow riders to book a ride specifically with trained driver-partners—who will be able to assist in pet handling and safe transportation. No more fussing with advance bookings or reservations; you can book a ride on the Grab app spontaneously any time you need, just as how you would a regular Grab (as long as there’s an available driver in the vicinity).

Each GrabPet vehicle comes with built-in perks. The cars are equipped with foldable backseat covers hiding adjustable leashes for suitable pets, as well as microfibre towels and air freshener so everyone—humans included—get to enjoy a comfortable ride. On top of that, Grab is providing additional insurance for all pets, passengers and driver-partners on GrabPet rides—making them the first pet transportation service on the island to offer insurance coverage for pets onboard.

Of course, there are some limitations to the service. Birds are not allowed on GrabPet, and a maximum of two medium-sized pets (up to 41cm in length) or one large pet (41cm in length or more) is allowed onboard at any one time. Pets must also be leashed or in a crate (applicable to cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and the like) at all times.

Still, it’s a godsend, and more drivers are being trained to operate GrabPet vehicles as we speak. Fares start from $14 a ride; though we all know safety for your furry friend is priceless.