Prepare to get emotionally attached

Be it work or school, or just the endless stream of social obligations we are faced with on the daily, human interaction can truly get so taxing. Press paws on that hectic schedule, then, and let the furries take over; their big eyes and soft fur are sure to capture and soothe even the weariest of hearts. Look no further for your weekend respite—here’s a round up of cosy spaces conducive for forging strong emotional connections with cute furries.


Cat Cafe Neko no Niwa


The first cat cafe to open in Singapore, Neko no Niwa was opened with the belief in the benefits of ‘cat therapy’. The name itself translating to 'Cat Garden', it’s a chill space for relaxation and unwinding—with sunlight streaming in from the windows and washing over the room in a soft glow; the perfect place to fall in love with a kitty. Cuteness aside, all cats here are also lovingly adopted, putting the mantra "adopt, don’t shop" into practice. Drop by if you ever need a cuddle; the cafe charges $12 per person for the first hour and $5 per subsequent half hour (inclusive of one complimentary drink). Cat moms can even stay on for specially organised cat care workshops, further nurturing your commitment to these feline friends. 54A Boat Quay


Menage Cafe


If you’re more into pups, head here to be greeted by a cheerful symphony of yips and barks at this dog-friendly cafe. At this cosy enclave in Sin Ming Plaza, treat both yourself and your pooch to a lovely meal; the thoughtful folks at Menage Cafe have designed a menu for both dogs and humans. Here you can tuck into tasty Western dishes like their Signature Fish and Chips and Spicy Crabmeat Linguine, while watching other doggos wolf down their own specialised doggy chow. There is no hurry to leave while you’re here, so go ahead and order dessert while stroking other pups and talking to fellow pup-lovers. Take advantage of the floor-to-ceiling window panels too, and stage an impromptu photoshoot with your prized pupper; you’ll go home with a happy furkid and photos you can coo over. #01-01/02, 6 Sin Ming Rd


Meomi Cat Cafe


Just walking distance away from The Cat Cafe (see below), Meomi Cat Cafe houses seven adorable felines of less commonly-seen breeds here in Singapore. The smallest in size, the cosy space lets you get up close and personal with every single cat in the room. Just as friendly are the staff who're always on standby, fellow cat lovers who will gladly tell you more about your favourite kitty. Entry is $13 (with a complimentary juice or tea) and $5 per subsequent half hour. 668 North Bridge Road


The Cat Cafe


If the clear-cut name is any indication, the cats here take centre stage. Climb up the flight of stairs right next to the bustling retail hive that is Bugis Street, and you’ll find yourself in a spacious, well-lit space with kitties purring about. Either ex-strays or adopted, the cats here now have a safe and clean shelter to call their own. Plastered all around the walls are introductions to the furry personalities here, including tips so you can properly forge connections with that special kitty. Apart from adorable cats, this peaceful space serves up freshly prepared desserts like pastries and some other light bites, alongside a steaming cup of tea or coffee. It’s also a great place to rub shoulders with kitties on a budget; it’s the only cat cafe in Singapore that has no time limit. For $15, you can spend as much time as you like with the lovely kittens, and the one-time entry fee comes with a complimentary drink. 241B Victoria Street


We are the Furballs (WTF)


The first dog-petting cafe in Singapore, We are The Furballs is home to pups of small breeds like poodles and Pomeranians. The best time to visit is during lunch hour, where you can buy doggie treats for these adorable pups; before you hand them over, feel free to tease the intelligent furries with simple tasks like “sit” or “paw.” Though they don’t serve human food here, the homely vibe of this well-lit space is lovely for sips on artisan teas. Inclusive of one drink, admission is $10.90 per entry on weekdays and $12.50 for the first 1.5 hours on weekends, with an extra charge of $2.50 per subsequent hour. #07-07, 201 Victoria St, Bugis+