Have the sweetest Halloween at the Museum of I Scream

Go on a different kind of adventure this Halloween as you embark on the sweetest trick or treats with the internationally renowned Museum of Ice Cream – or, more specifically, the Museum of I Scream!

To welcome the annual spook fest this year, the Museum will be running their own charming spook-tacular experience from Oct 01 to 30, so head over dressed up and ready for a fun-filled adventure surrounded by the sweetest pleasures for the whole family.

, Have the sweetest Halloween at the Museum of I Scream

Morphing into the Museum of I Scream come midnight tonight, their latest experience will bring us through an ice cream extravaganza with unlimited desserts, seasonal offerings, and a myriad of interactive installations.

There’s even a mysterious ice cream fortune teller who’s set up camp in a creepy corner of the museum – seek her out and have your fortunes told!

Keep an eye out for candy cauldrons making their appearance throughout the museum to fill your own with adorable confections and candies, including everybody’s favourite wafer munchies from Loacker, and many more. Throughout your journey, there’ll also be cool tricks and puzzles to tickle your wits before you enjoy your next unique ice cream treat.

, Have the sweetest Halloween at the Museum of I Scream

As part of the special experience, the Museum’s Apothecary Lab will also be serving up a slew of sips and tasty concoctions by their mad ice cream scientist. Try the exclusive Graveyard Sundae, The Haunted Milkshake, and even a booze-y brew reserved for the most adventurous!

Spend a day (or night) amongst your sweetest nightmares this season, in an immersive dreamscape for the entire family, young, old, brave, and easily-spooked.

Plan your next family adventure today. Head over to the Museum of Ice Cream’s website here for your tickets and more information.