Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022

As the world reopens, many live events are also taking it as a cue to welcome attendees with wide, open arms.

Jumping in on the fun and leading the charge as the biggest-scale festival to open to the public in Singapore since the pandemic is GastroBeats


, Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022


From now – 26 Jun, the trailblazing urban lifestyle playground spreads across the Bayfront Event Space to showcase an exciting line-up of entertainment acts, graffiti art, family-friendly activities, and, most of all, Singapore’s diverse gastronomic scene. While the roster seems overwhelming, we’ve rounded up bites of what you can expect at the festival.




, Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022


The marquee event of GastroBeats 2022, Culinary Masters embodies just how serious our city-state is about food. Celebrity chef Sarah Todd of MasterChef Australia fame, collaborates with George Calombaris, a judge on MasterChef Australia, Derek Cheong, winner of MasterChef Singapore season 2, and Genevieve Lee, runner-up on MasterChef Singapore season 1, to present exclusive dishes for each week of the festival.

From fish and chips with curry aioli, to chicken chunks marinated in masala and sandwiched between a bao, Todd’s creations are heavily inspired by Indian cuisine, and are set to stimulate any foodie’s palate.




, Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022


Local Streets is dedicated to the best of our local fare – inexpensive and quick, but never lacking in flavour. Alongside 14 retail kiosks and carnival games, this section showcases 24 street food vendors and home-based food businesses. Expect to be spoiled for choice by vendors like Kueh Ho Jiak, The Vegetarian Butcher, Sibei Lok, You Tiao Man and more.




, Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022


Music has always been a pillar of great festivals, and at GastroBeats 2022, an eclectic range of homegrown musicians are taking to the festival grounds to perform their top hits. Vibe to tunes by Daniel Sid, KEYANA, Dru Chen, and Lorong Boys, among many others.




, Here’s what to expect at GastroBeats 2022


It’s a fun-filled summer, as Kiztopia brings its signature mega-bouncy castle event, Jumptopia, outdoors for the first time. Featuring eight food-themed inflatables, Jumptopia lets everyone – young and old alike – dive into a ball pit of boba pearls in Honey’s Boba Tea Place, squeal over life-sized croissants and baguettes at Bell’s Patisserie, glide down swirls of ketchup and mustard at Tiger’s Burger Joint, and so much more.


For more information on GastroBeats 2022, visit their official website here.