Featuring new encounters, an uncovering of its rich history, routes to discover hidden gems around the island and more

Of the many tourist attractions in Singapore, few and far between come close to the popularity of Sentosa. While some may enjoy equal mentions, none of them can confidently lay claim to being as much a memorable part of our coming of age as Sentosa is. 

From beach outings, monorail rides, and viewing galleries atop a gigantic Merlion, to a now-forgotten water theme park, an integrated resort, and an internationally-renowned casino, Singapore’s world famous resort island celebrates their Golden Jubilee this year, launching the SentoSights tours and over 50 new attractions to commemorate its transformation from a fishing village and military base, to one of the world’s leading leisure destinations today.



Themed “Discovery Neverending”, revellers will get a chance to explore the island’s diverse facets, including lesser-known experiences and an array of offerings that showcase the unique evolution of Sentosa.

Collaborating with travel partners to better present the beloved icon’s multi-faceted nature, the SentoSights tours feature more than 10 unique sustainability- and heritage-themed guided tours. These tours aim to present the rich history and natural wonders found on the island, paying visits to sites such as Fort Siloso, Fort Serapong, the Coastal Trails and more.

Guests may also choose tours that comprise additional elements such as game-based explorations and night-time forest walks for more unique experiences.



The SentoSights tours also include opportunities to visit Singapore’s Southern Islands, including a sunset cruise with a sustainable fishing experience in the waters around St. John’s and Lazarus islands.

This massive Jubilee celebration will see tours and other activities – including food and wellness festivals, and a Golden Jubilee Grand Draw worth up to $50,000 – progressively rolled-out. So keep an eye out for updates on their Golden Jubilee page.

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