How about a course on becoming an “affluent social media influencer”?

It’s time to spend your SkillsFuture credits people. As part of the Singapore Budget 2020, a one-time SkillsFuture credit top-up of $500 will soon be made available to all Singaporeans aged 25 and above (as of this year).

It will be credited come Oct 1, and unlike the initial $500 everyone got when the scheme was first introduced, this top-up will expire on Dec 31, 2025—so there’s no reason not to use it soon. And if you’re aged 40-60 this year, you’ll get an additional $500 (that will also expire) on top of all that.

So whether you got a grand total of $1,500, $1,000 or just $500 in your SkillsFuture account to spare, here are some of the most interesting courses (as opposed to just practical ones like programming and accountancy) to spend on while having some fun.

Bar hopping, bartending basics and wine appreciation

Yes, you read that right. There’s actually a course that takes you on a tour of trendy bars in Singapore. Before you think this is just a free booze trip however, it’s actually meant for tour guides to get better acquainted with Singapore’s world-class nightlife scene. By the end of the one-day Nightlife and Bar Hopping Tour in Singapore course, you should be able to conduct a tour of your own.

If you’re looking for something more in-depth, then the Basics of Bartending & Mixology is for you. The 8-hour course teaches things like usage of bar tools and the role of the bartender, and is designed to get you a foot into the cocktail making world. Looking to equip yourself with just enough knowledge for social banter? Then perhaps the Be a Wine Expert in 3 Days is what you’d rather go for. Never look dumbfounded when ordering from a wine list ever again.

Be a masseuse for dogs (and people)

Learn how to properly restrain your pup while giving it a rubdown that is essential in pet care and muscle recovery with Therapeutic Massage for Dogs, a one-day course that also acts as the perfect pet bonding activity. Just note that you got to bring your own dog to the class.

If you’re more interested in being normal masseuse (imagine being able to give your SO a professional kneading), a whole range of massage courses are available from various institutions. Try the Singapore Spa Institute approved WSQ Provide Full-Body Massage With Oil.

Live out your Korean dreams

Enough reading subtitles when watching your favourite K-dramas. Experience them like a native with a whole range of Korean language courses suited to every level. The Learn Korean! Start Speaking Korean Now! course does exactly what it says it does by introducing you to the basics, while the Build up Korean Foundations through Practice is designed to help you use the language whether you’re at work or in a social setting.

Then there’s the Speak and Cook Korean one-day course for a true cultural immersion. First learn conversational Korean in the morning, then spend your afternoon learning how to cook two classic Korean dishes: Gimbap and Korean Pancakes. How nice will it be to be able to speak to your oppa while also being able to whip up a meal he’ll savour?

Look successful, be successful

It’s a shallow world we live in, and looks are everything. Learn to give a great first impression by picking up tips on beauty product application with Grooming - Enhance Natural Beauty with Makeup. The Professional Image & Personal Grooming course will also help with overall poise, posture and dressing.

If that’s not enough (and barring plastic surgery), then perhaps digital photography skills might do the trick. Learn how to take Insta-worthy photos with Photography for Social Media. If all else fails, do what they all do and fake it till you make it with Photoshop for Beginners: Your Complete Guide to Photoshop.

Start being a social media influencer

Stop admiring others on social media and be an influencer yourself through a whole range of courses like How To Be An Affluent Social Media Influencer (we’re not kidding, that’s the actual name of the course) and The Ultimate Social Media Influencer And Branding Masterclass.

You’ll pick up useful (kinda) skills like audience engagement, content strategies and insights tracking, though becoming Instafamous is not guaranteed. If an existential crisis hits you upon realisation of how inane this pursuit is, don’t worry, just take up the Who am I in this Digital World? course to get back on track with reality.

Info on all courses listed are accurate at the time of posting. Refer to individual course providers for the latest updates.