Supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement and Happiness Initiative, Cedele reminds us to #ShareTheLoaves

A local household name, Cedele’s chain of bakeries, quick service cafés, casual dining concepts, and full service restaurants have delighted the hearts and tummies of Singaporeans with their clean and fresh offerings for almost 25 years now.

Unrelenting in their vision to provide honest and holistic food that also cares for the wellbeing of their customers, Cedele is taking their brand of inclusivity another step further this month with the #ShareTheLoaves social campaign, supported by the Singapore Kindness Movement and Happiness Initiative.



An initiative to promote kindness and spread happiness, the campaign, which runs from now – 20 Mar, hopes to encourage positivity through a simple act of sharing a loaf of bread with your neighbours, friends, and loved ones. Cedele will also be offering special savings on a twin bundle deal of their new Happy Chocolate Sourdough at selected outlets in order to encourage more people to join in the campaign.



Inspired by chocolate’s ability to boost our moods, the Happy Chocolate Sourdough is naturally leavened with Cedele’s homegrown 25-year-old wild yeast starter and generously studded with chocolate chips.

The bundle also comes with an option to get the Let’s Unpack This card game, an innovative and fun way to explore your deep-seated inclinations and the things that affect you.


For more information on their campaign and loaves, visit Cedele’s website here.