Urban farming, locally sourced produce and sustainable food—all this and more under one roof at Singapore’s largest farm-to-people festival

High-speed rail soap opera aside, our neighbor to the north is looking to put in place a nationwide ban on plastic bags within the coming year. It’s a bold move; and one that puts Malaysia on the road to sustainability and reduced pollution, alongside many other countries like South Africa, Italy and China. Singapore, your move.

While we wait for Singapore to follow suit, there are other ways to be start living sustainably in Singapore. Urban farming, local farms and sustainable food are nothing new, but for one weekend on Jul 7-8, they’re coming together under one roof for Sprout, Singapore’s largest and first farm-to-people festival, happening at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre.

A glorified farmers’ market? Not really, but we remain cautiously excited. There are more than 50 local exhibitors, ranging from farm growers and urban farming to artisanal goods and specialty food. Whether you’re a complete green thumb noob, a Jedi-level urban farmer yourself, a massive health-conscious foodie, or just an average Joe looking to do their bit in sustainability, you’re bound to find something that will suit your needs.

The two-day festival will be split up in six very different zones, ranging from an area to eat to a whole space dedicated to just workshops. Highlights include SodaStream with their carbonated water machine and products meant to help reduce canned and bottled beverages waste; urban farm located on the roof of Scape, Comcrop, and their leafy greens, herbs and fresh pesto; a workshop on local edible greens by Carbon InQ & Centre of Nature Literacy and Enterprise; learning how to make a quick five-minute acai breakfast bowl thanks to Poppy & Co.; delicious poke bowls courtesy of A Poke Theory; and so much more.

You can view the full list of exhibitors here.

Sprout takes place from 10am-8pm on Jul 7-8 at Suntec Convention Centre – Hall 406. Admission is free. More info here.