Enjoy traditional and pop culture experiences on this cruise ship

If you’ve been dreaming of celebrating the water-splashing Songkran festival in Thailand or revelling in K-pop entertainment in Korea, these themed cruises are probably the next best thing right now. 

Dream Cruises has introduced a brand new series of Super Seacations from Feb to May, aimed at helping wannabe travellers indulge in their wanderlust. 


Its cruise ship World Dream will feature Korean and Thai-themed seacations with signature traditional and pop culture experiences from these countries. Since Korea and Thailand are two of the top travel destinations for Singaporeans, you can bet they will be a real treat for all who have been yearning for international travel to resume.

Better than a staycation?
There’s plenty to see and do on board the World Dream during this seacation. For all things Hallyu, choose to sail from Feb 21 to Mar 31 where you’ll get to experience multiple facets of Korea. 


Enjoy a hanbok (traditional Korean attire) fashion runway show, and unwind with old-time, outdoor games like jegichagi, which challenges players to kick and keep the jeji from hitting the ground for as long as possible.

Catch up on Korean blockbuster movies at World Dream’s Cinema at Sea, learn about the latest K-Beauty trends during Flawless Beauty talks and ‘Hair-ppiness’ styling workshops, and groove to pop hits at Hallyu K-Pop Dance 101 classes. 

Feast on trendy Korean street food such as tteokbokki (stir-fried rice cakes), japchae, seafood pancakes and Korean fried chicken, as well as a selection of Korean snacks.

There’s also basic conversational language classes to prep yourself when you actually travel to Korea.


From Mar 31 to May 28, experience Thailand on the cruise. Take Insta-worthy photos at the Tuk Tuk and Big Bowl Noodle pop-up displays, indulge in a movie marathon of Thai blockbusters, before relaxing with a massage using Thai products at the ship’s Crystal Life Spa.


For the physically inclined, sign up for basic muay thai training or sepak takraw, or partake in Water Gun Tag for some action.

Alternatively, attend handicraft workshops, where you’ll be taught the traditional arts of soap carving, tie dying and paper umbrella painting.

Finally, head to the Thai Street Market at Sea and tuck into the country’s world-famous street food. Enjoy regional delicacies from the north and south of Thailand, as well as signature desserts at the ship’s restaurants.

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