100 Things to Do in Singapore Before You Die (21-40)


21) Have a gay old time at PLAY, #01-02, 21 Tanjong Pagar Rd., 6227- 7400.

22) Catch an EPL football game at a heartland coffeeshop.

23) Sample an APB brewery tour. It’s always Time for a Tiger. 459 Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim, 6860- 3005, apb.com.sg/ brewery-tour.

24) Track down Cut, directed by “that street-gang leader” Royston Tan. tinyurl.com/roystontancut.

25) Order the Kodo 66 at The Red Comrades, 66 Dunlop Rd., 8261- 5247.

26) Try to start a chant at an S-League game.

27) Tag along on an OH! art walkabout, organized by unconventional art gallery Evil Empire, 48 Niven Rd., 9048-2902, www.ohopenhouse.com.

28) Browse the retro collectibles at Junkie’s Corner out near Kembangan. 94 Jalan Senang, 9791- 2607.

29) Settle in for a few pints with the travellers at Prince of Wales Backpacker Pub, 101 Dunlop St., 6299- 0130.

30) Break into the Singapore Botanic Gardens after official hours with some of your friends and a few beers in tow, and wait for the aliens to land (or watch the stars). 1 Cluny Rd., 6471-7138.

31) Potter around the Dragon Kiln Village and try not to smash any of the 10,000 items on sale. Thow Kwan Industry, 85 Lorong Tawas (off Jalan Bahar), 6265-5808.

32) Drink through all five price-timings at Brewerkz, #01-05/06 Riverside Point, 30 Merchant Rd., 6438-7438.

33) Revel in the honor of being a “citizen journalist” by posting on STOMP. Extra points if your story involves the invasion of someone else’s privacy.

34) Test your nerve with a nighttime visit to Old Changi Hospital, along Netheravon Rd.

35) Head on down to the next ROJAK; creatives from different disciplines presenting and partying. farm.sg/rojak.

36) Find a quiet space and read Allen Ginsberg’s Howl poem out loud.

37) Battle a sea bass at Hausmann Marketing Aquarium, 291 Neo Tiew Crescent, 6792- 1318.

38) Gather a group of your best friends and board your own flight with Air Charter Service. aircharter.sg, 6329-9767.

39) Ink on the design you’ve always wanted at Tattoo Craft, 28 Arab St.

40) Surprise someone you love with a drink at Mr Punch Wine Bar & Restaurant atop the Mint Museum of Toys. Perfect for nostalgic conversation. 26 Seah St., 6334-5155.

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