100 Things to Do in Singapore Before You Die (61-80)

61) Travel out to the end stations of every MRT line.
62) Subscribe to Underscore Magazine, produced by local design collective Hjgher. underscoremagazine.com.
63) Initiate an impromptu game of coconut cricket on the oft-deserted Lazarus Island. Daily ferry service from Marina South Pier, #01-04 Marina South Pier, 6534-9339,  islandcruise.com.sg.
64) Grab a coffee to go from 40 Hands, #01- 12, 78 Yong Siak St., 6225- 8545—as if there’s ever a seat free anyway—and explore the art deco architecture of surrounding Tiong Bahru.
65) Listen to your taxi driver.
66) Scope out Liquid City: Volume 2, a stellar anthology of SE Asian comics, edited by Malinky Robot creator Sonny Liew. www.liquidcitizen.net. Available at {prologue}, #04-16. #05-03 ION Orchard, 6465-1477.
67) Catch the prawning bug. prawnfishinginsingapore. blogspot.com.
68) Stay at ZoukOut until the bitter, sweaty end. www.zoukout.com.
69) Meet interesting strangers with guerrilla dining operators lolla’s secret suppers ([email protected]), Social Candy (social [email protected]) and The Ping’s Illegal Diners Club (pingskitchen.com).
70) Watch the sun go down over MacRitchie Reservoir (along Lornie Rd.). Just you, your friends and a bottle of wine. And monkeys for company.
71) Observe the no braying rule at Speakeasy. 54 Blair Rd., 9759-5111.
72) Convince someone to rent a yacht for you. boatbookings.com.
73) Don a hard hat and plead with the foreman to be allowed down to the Jurong Rock Caverns, a liquid hydrocarbon storage facility being built deep beneath the seabed of Banyan Basin.
74) Blag your way backstage at the Grand Prix. It sure as hell ain’t worth paying for the privilege.
75) Act like Spiderman, without a web. le-parkour.sg.
76) Rent out the screen at Sinema (sinema.sg). Load Boo Junfeng’s coming-of-age drama Sandcastles onto the projector.
77) Wake up early and watch the sun come up over the Dairy Farm Quarry. Off Dairy Farm Rd., inside Bukit Timah Nature Reserve.
78) Allow yourself to be caught in a full-force, midafternoon tropical downpour.
79) Take your hands off the handlebars as you freewheel down the trail from Beberek Hut on Pulau Ubin.
80) Make like Tarzan and swing from the vines hanging along Westbourne Road.
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