In The Cards

How long have you been reading?
Ten years.
What drove you to it?
I saw a palmist and he insisted I pursue it. I was surprised he mentioned it because I didn’t think I had an inclination at all. The palmist was so adamant that I bought a book about tarot card reading. After spending a year learning the ropes, I resigned from my job and set up shop in JB. I returned to Singapore three years later.
Have you had weird clients?
Yes. Someone asked me if I could help him connect with Satan, and another asked if he was a disciple of Satan. I stopped the reading immediately.
Have there been people you’ve not been able to read?
Yes, on two occasions. One was not ready for a reading, and the other was blank. I presume he wasn’t ready too.
What do you do to break the barrier?
When someone is tense, I get him or her to relax by asking them comfortable questions or talking about things in general. These usually help. I tried using them on the two clients I mentioned before, but to no avail.
Do your readings come true?
Readings come true when people are proactive in making a change or decision.
Is it hard for you to relay the bad news?
I tone it down so as not to scare them. I’m only direct when they ask for it.
Can you read yourself?
In my rookie years, I could. But now that I do it professionally, I can’t. It would be wrong for me to use the gift for my own benefit. I also don’t read family and close friends. I have to stay detached for readings to be accurate. If there are external disturbances, the cards will be affected.
Do people return?
My clients are mainly repeat clients.
Who are the most believing lot, men or women?
It’s equal.
Has anyone come to you for cures?
Yes. If it’s a medical condition, I’ll ask them to see a doctor then return for a holistic reading.
How can we spot a fake?
You can’t. I don’t do parties or big events because of this. There are many people out there trying to make a quick buck. In my case, I win clients’ trust by telling them why they’re here and what their problem is before they tell me anything. And it is always accurate.
All cards deal a game of chance. Will you be seeking a space at the upcoming resorts?
Definitely not.