Why did you decide to be a criminologist?
After receiving my Bachelor’s in Criminology, I realized that lawyers who defend do not always understand the real reasons behind their clients’ actions. My criminology professor inspired my interest in pursuing a greater understanding of why people commit crime at the macro level.
Are criminologists profilers?
Some aspects of criminology do involve profiling, especially criminal psychology. Criminology is not all about CSI. It’s about the study of crime and criminals.
What is your weirdest case to date?
Several houses in a suburban residential area were burgled with the same MO—no sign of a break-in. But each house had a small window in the bathroom, so small that none of us could figure out how any grown person could fit through. Finally, when the
gypsy gang was busted, we discovered that the burglars were training and using a three-year-old to slip through those windows so that he could open the main doors for the others.
Name one thing about crime or criminals that members of the public least know about.
I used to hand out a group of photos to my criminology class and ask my students to identify the “real criminals” because criminals do not necessarily look like Mr. Freeze from Batman. Another message I like to stress is that crime is defined by law. A low crime rate may not mean less crime. In some countries, citizens may be reluctant to report crime and so a low crime rate gives a false sense of security. This is especially true for property and personal offenses such as theft and rape.
Who is your favorite CSI investigator?
Lieutenant Horatio Caine. He is a three-dimensional thinker. His “think out of the box” approach and professional instincts are easily identified with by criminologists.
Are chicks intrigued by your profession?
The truth is I used to have problems finding a date. As a Certified Fraud Examiner, I often involuntarily assess a person’s credibility during a conversation. Many people feel threatened by this. It’s an occupational hazard.
If I vanished off the face of this earth right after this interview, what would you do to find me?
Call the police.