A Dog’s Life

Dogs are more than mere pets; they are members of the family just as much as humans, and the range of pedigree services available proves it. From spas to takeaway dinners to café meals, dogs now have it just as good as we do. Don’t make a dog’s breakfast out of caring for your pooch: Here are some pampering providers who will make any mongrel stop its bitching.
Spas are no longer just the province of tai tais; pooches can now indulge as well. After a hard week of chasing the neighborhood cats and straining at the leash, your pet will need to chill out at Kreature Care (75 Jalan Hitam Manis, Holland Village, 9781-5744). Here dogs can get 60-90 minute ($50-75) spa treatments that include a swim, a soak in a tubful of herbs and spa milk followed by (we’re not kidding) a thorough sports massage.
Showing Off
Glam it up and make your darling a regular show dog by sending it to a pet salon. Les Poochs (26 Holland Grove Rd., 6469-9331) is one of the most exclusive in town (they take only five appointments a day). Treatments come in packages that include a wash, manicure and pedicure, and styling ($60-250). Les Poochs’ shampoos are luxurious and natural, without any soap or alcohol, and come with scents specially designed for male and female dogs as well as unisex fragrances for puppies. Some of their ingredients include royal jelly, sea kelp and vitamins D5 and E. The rest of the treatment includes styling fit for the stars: How about a mohawk for your schnauzer or a teddy bear look for your shih-tzu?
She’s Got the Look
To complete the doggy makeover, a new wardrobe is in order. The style gurus at Fluffy’s Choice (33A Lorong Liput, 6464-8255) have everything a mutt might need—from jumpers to caps and bandanas. Worried about spoiling that little nail trim? Even socks are available. For those more formal occasions, little tuxedoes or dresses are ideal. And when out visiting the relatives, what better way to accentuate the new look than with a silk robe with sash ($38) or a Mandarin top with buttons and collar ($26)?
Café Culture
Now that your pup is primed and ready to hit the town, take it out for dinner to celebrate. Urban Pooch (#01-07 530 Balestier Rd., 6252-5046) provides food for both dogs and their owners. Hungry hounds can chose from meal sets that include one of these mains—German Shepherd pie, grilled meatballs, John Dory fish or jerky—plus a big bowl of water ($3.80 per set). If your dog’s getting a bit of cabin fever and wants to make some friends, there’s an elongated play area where up to 20 dogs can socialize. And for owners who’ve forgotten to bring their copy of I-S Magazine, reference books on dogs are supplied.
For the more selfish owner who doesn’t want to restrict his dining experience to the animal menu, Epicurious (#01-02 The Quayside, 60 Robertson Quay, 6734-7720) is a pet-friendly establishment where dogs are welcome to sit outside with their owners. Water bowls are available for thirsty Fidos.
Dog Tired
If Rex is more of a homedoggy then here’s a way he can feast like a king without ever having to leave his kennel. US Doggie Bakery (355 East Coast Rd., 6346-7168) will deliver tingkat ($16.50) meals for your pooch. These are gourmet meals for the discerning doggie: How do cheese paws, carob chips and lamb meatballs sound? Throw in chicken or lamb baos (five for $3.50) or cookies ($8.50 for 200 grams) for dessert or supper, and you’re set. What more could a dog beg for?
Party Time
More sociable mutts can mark their special occasions and territories by hosting a party. You no longer have to worry about lactose intolerance when catering to your hungry hound’s dessert needs: Greedy Pet Bakery (230 Tanjong Katong Rd., 6344-1554) can deliver cakes and pastries to make you look like the hostess with the mostest. Get cakes in chicken, lamb, beef or fish, as well as fruitcakes ($25-35). They even come with candles and messages, and are shaped as hearts or bones. And to make it really feel like a children’s party, goodie bags filled with sweet treats (prices vary) can be arranged.
Big Boys Toys
Forget about daggy doggy toys like old thongs and smelly tennis balls. Get serious by buying interactive toys for your four-legged friend to bury in the backyard. For instance, Brainy Dog Treats Tennis Ball ($9.50) is a ball stuffed with food to encourage some cardio while Rex picks at his food. The Woof or Treats interactive toys ($22.90) make noises to draw the dog’s attention. But if you prefer more traditional squeakers, frisbees and fetching toys, then Hotdog (268 River Valley Rd., 6736-4064) has the full range. They even deliver.
Tag It
Dog tags might not be loud enough for some, so to put your puppy love on display head to Woof Woof (372 Telok Blangah Rd., 6272-7271) where you can buy a personalized pet plate. Think car plate, but embossed with doggie’s name using wacky colors and fonts ($27-35).
Precious Moments
And after you’ve spent all your money adorning your four-legged friend with grooming, spa treatments and a bit of bling, take some shots to remember just where all your hard-earned money went. For $800 at Munch Media (#01-07 Tower 1 Sin Ming Plaza, 2 Sin Ming Rd., 9435-1783), a coffee table album can be filled with photographs of your prize pooch in costume, in various settings or in those more natural and less rehearsed poses. If you prefer to keep your posing private, then Munch Media will even come to you so you don’t have to walk the dog into the studio.