Exotic dancer Janice Tan

Tell us, what are you like on the dance floor?
I have a variety of characters and personas. Experimentation is the occupational hazard of being an exotic dance instructor. I can be shy, wild, daring, or provocative and naughty!
Any tips on seduction?
Seduction is an art. A lady need not be outright raunchy. She has to be confident and love her mind and body, before someone can see her as sexy. With that confidence and some simple exotic dance from exotic dancing, you’ll be attracting and seducing a lot of guys out there without even knowing it.
I see. So what’s your success rate in seducing guys?
I have never really kept a check on my success rate. I think a lot of guys want to be seduced or be led into seduction. It’s just how a woman plays it.
And the worst pick up line you’ve tried?
“Hi, I’ve been tasked to get your number.” I got tongue-tied when the cutie said, “Who asked?”
What is your ideal partner like?
He must be able to listen, dance and massage. I like a man who listens. He needs to know how to dance too. How else can you know how good he is in bed? And all girls like to be pampered so I like a man who can give a good massage and a rubdown after a long night of partying.
OK, many say Singaporeans aren’t having enough sex. What say you?
Who have you been asking?