Explore Bukit Timah: Greenwood


1. Chat Masala Too
18 Greenwood Ave., 6762-2133
The second outlet of the East Coast institution Chat Masala brings more of the quality naans, tikkas and, of course, masalas you’ve come to expect.

2. Greenwood Fish Market
34 Greenwood Ave., 6467-4950
This intimate little bistro lives up to its name with an open display of fish and oysters. You can’t go wrong with their seafood and sashimi platters.

3. La Braceria
5 Greendale Ave., 6465-5918
Specializing in authentic Italian cuisine, their homemade sausages are perfect complements to their exquisite pasta.

4. Shin Yuu Japanese Restaurant
16 Greenwood Ave., 6763-4939
Its name means “family and friends”, and sure enough it’s a great place to gather. Try their signature special chawanmushi and aburi salmon sushi.

5. Ubin Seafood
12 Greenwood Ave., 6469-7677
The name “Ubin” (or some variation of it) is synonymous with good seafood and this Greenwood set-up is possibly the most stylish to bear it.

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6. L’Estaminet
4 Greenwood Ave., 6465-1911
“L’Estaminet” is what the French call their local village bar, and that’s an apt name for this place. Choose from their variety of Belgian beers —and yummy food—and soak in the atmosphere.

7. The Wagon Wheel
22 Greenwood Ave., 6469-3688
An old-fashioned pub with great character, The Wagon Wheel’s oxtail stew is the definition of a hearty meal.

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8. Jane’s Art & Craft
75/77 Hillcrest Rd., 6469-5920
Many homes in Bukit Timah have Jane’s to thank for their antique and antique-inspired furniture and artifacts.

9. Lana Cakeshop
36 Greenwood Ave., 6466-8940
This no-frills, old-fashioned cakeshop still wins new fans with its signature chocolate cake.

10. Organic Hut
8 Greenwood Ave., 6467-2677
Catering to those conscious of health and the environment, Organic Hut has a wide selection of nature and body-friendly products.