Gambler Lee Wanlee

What do you usually do with your winnings?
I love to travel. I splurge on long trips, hotels, and good restaurants. I spend a lot on books as I read like crazy. I’ve stopped splashing on expensive jewelry and mobile phones for girls as I’m looking for someone who will love me, not my money.
Ever been thrown out of a casino?
I’ve never been thrown out of a casino, but I was barred from playing Blackjack a few times. I used to play with a fake ID in Las Vegas when I was underage but never encountered any problems. When I was 18, I played Blackjack as a part of a professional team in Las Vegas. I had a funny barring incident in the Palace Station casino. After winning all night long, a manager requested that I stop playing all the card games and play other games instead. They wouldn’t even let me play Poker, which was funny as Poker is not played against the house.
Do your friends and relatives refuse to play Blackjack with you, especially during Chinese New Year?
I don’t usually play Blackjack with close friends or relatives but when I do, no money is involved and it’s all for fun. I used to play a lot of cheap Poker with friends and family, especially with my mother, but it has become boring for me. I take all her pennies in nearly every hand as her facial expressions are so telling!
Give us some tips on how one can play Poker like a pro.
Play at a level that you are comfortable with, be selective with cards and bet aggressively when you have good cards. If your opponent appears to be timid, bluff more. If you suspect that your opponent only bets good cards, fold more. Stay cool, calm and collected at all times. Wear nice sunglasses. Practice makes perfect.