The Great Indoors

December’s great (what’s not to love about festive feasts, week-long partying and year-end sales) except for one thing—the rain. There’s only so much cuddling you can do (especially when we don’t have fireplaces in Singapore) so why not check out some of the alternative sports action on offer. We round up the best places to work up a sweat without getting drenched.
Combat Skirmish Singapore
What it is: Launched in 2005, combat skirmish is a cross between indoor laser tag and paintball. You’ll be scurrying about dodging laser “bullets” and won’t feel any pain when someone shoots you “dead”—a bit like going to war in the cyber universe. Because the game uses mostly infra-red technology, you can opt to play it elsewhere, like in the deep cresses of the jungle or even in your own backyard. We recommend making an office team-building effort out of it. There are attractive corporate packages available and it’ll be a good excuse to gun down your colleagues.
Great for: Fans of wireless LAN games like Counterstrike or Battlefield 1942.
How much: $30-33 per person for two missions (approximately one hour.
Where: Hong Leong Shopping Centre, 164 West Coast Way, 6779-1031. These guys are mobile so give them a call before you head over.
iFly Singapore
What it is: Set to open this month, iFly is the world’s largest skydiving simulator, offering professional training and on-site guidance from certified instructors, free rental of actual skydiving gear and a bona fide flying experience at one-tenth of the cost of a tandem jump. It also overlooks the vast South China Sea, making the experience seem even more authentic. We especially like that this 25 million dollar venue even facilitates four or eight-way formation skydiving—go team!
Great for: Its professional, state-of-the-art technology ensures a high degree of safety and accommodates all types of fliers, from first-timers to military personnel. Basically, if you yearn to feel like a superhero, you should give this one a shot.
How much: Price not yet available. Use the online enquiry form to ask about packages.
Where: 43 Siloso Beach Walk,
Max Swing Indoor Golf
What it is: Don’t let the façade fool you. Beyond the small reception is a virtual world of professional golf. It houses the PGA Golf Simulator, the only one of its kind in Singapore, which is known for its unmatched accuracy, life-like 3D graphics and amazing ability to accurately replicate ball flight. In-house PGA coaches Alan Murray and Garry Overy are also on-hand to help you perfect your swing.
Great for: Great for when you want to hit the golf course but can’t risk being struck by lightning.
How much: $40-80 for a one-hour session.
Where: #04-29/30 Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd., 6509-0200,
Snow City
What it is: The rain might take the heat out of the air but nothing beats the winter cold! Snow City consists of an exhilarating 60-meter, three-storey high slope, hot chocolate and ice bars, a polar bear gallery as well as a real log cabin. At the first indoor snow facility in Singapore, you can go skiing, snow tubing, sledding and snowboarding—awesome exercise for those for whom a trip to Hokkaido is a bit of a stretch.
Great for: Anyone who’s been dying for a bit of snow at Christmas.
How much: $16-27 for one to two hours of piste time, including the use of boots and jackets.
Where: 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd., 6560-2306,
Flight Experience
What it is: This state-of-the-art flight simulator modeled after the Boeing 737 enables you to slip into pilot mode, from the moment you plant your feet on the rudder pedals right to your descent into whichever landmark you choose to fly to (they’ve even got the London Bridge and the Sydney Opera House!). Of course, you’ll get a briefing from a flying instructor in advance but you’ll need to maintain a cool head when you’re airborne because you’ll be managing fully-functioning avionics and computers in a replica cockpit with 180-degree wraparound visuals—making this quite possibly the coolest wet weather activity we’ve discovered so far.
Great for: Aviation enthusiasts and even genuine top gun pilots in training—it’s that pro.
How much: Up to $395 for a 90-minute flight. Check out their online booking system, which only adds to the sense that this is a real flight you’re signing up for.
Where: #02-06 Singapore Flyer, 30 Raffles Ave., 6339-2737.
Visit these bowling alleys for a more laidback vibe:

  1. Cathay Bowl #02-01 Eastside, 1018 East Coast Parkway, 6444-0118.
  2. Classic Bowl #06-01, 100 Jalan Sultan, 6291-6508.
  3. Orchid Bowl at E! Hub #01-111 Downtown East, 1 Pasir Ris Close, 6583-1622.
  4. Plaza Bowl #08-11 Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan, 6292-4821.
  5. Silver Bowl #07-01 Katong Shopping Centre, 6345-4738.
  6. Superbowl Marina South 15 Marina Grove, 6221-1010.