“I find myself happiest when I don’t have to do anything at all” Max Loong

I was born in Malacca but grew up in Switzerland since I was three years old. When it comes to punctuality, I am Swiss (some might say otherwise), but when it comes to food, I am Asian.
Xiao long bao, wanton mee, chicken rice with a nice cold drink on a hot, hot day. Can you tell how much I love living in Singapore? I don’t think I could ever leave Singapore for long. I just keep coming back no matter how much or far I travel. Besides food, I also treasure love and friends.
In the business world, it can be very mentally demanding especially when you have a lot of responsibilities. Physically, the long working hours as an actor are definitely the toughest. But luckily each job has its own beauty and if you work on something you love, everything becomes half as hard.
For a while, I have wanted to create something of my own. With Supperclub Los Angeles, I am not fully hands-on but am very close to my good friends who run the show, and who are teaching me a lot about the hospitality business.
My entertainment career is my greatest passion as I have been doing it for over 11 years now. Then again, my new projects get the same attention as well, since I learn a lot from them.
I find myself happiest when I don’t have to do anything at all. I mean, don’t we all love a beach holiday with the people who mean the most to us? That’s where I get my energy to continue my professional career path with joy and motivation.
To only follow your mind without listening to your heart is the worst piece of advice I’ve ever been given.
Life is full of embarrassing moments. I can’t really talk about my most embarrassing moment but I embrace these and learn from my mistakes.
I was very shy with girls when I was a teenager. The pretty boy image came a lot later, especially I find myself happiest when I don’t have to do anything at all when I moved to Asia. It took me quite some time to accomplish an image of a successful entertainer rather than just another pretty boy. But if you follow your career with hard work, heart and passion, people will hopefully recognize your talent sooner or later.
For a long time, I really thought pick‐ up lines were just a myth but nope, they really happen. I’ve been hit on with them. Don’t ask me what those lines were. They’re not worth remembering.
To me, life is all about being respectful, caring, loving and going out there to live your dreams.
Being the best boyfriend, son and friend I can, means more to me than any materialistic achievement.