Interview: Eugenia Gajardo of WE CARE

I established KnowThySelf because of my desire to truly understand myself and to help others do the same so that they can learn how to make themselves happy.
I ‘psycho-educate’ my clients so they become their own counselors. Each one of us is the expert of our own life.
When I was young, I liked to sing in foreign languages which I did not understand. I still do in the shower.
Seeing the transformation of another being is the best part of my job.
I come from a ‘victim mentality’ culture with victim-like core beliefs deeply ingrained in me. It has been a challenging and evolving journey to liberate myself, change my way of thinking and thereafter, my behavior.
The beginning was when I decided to walk out of my marriage with a few ‘toys,’ a three-year-old child, and an empty piggy bank.
The second phase occured when I was at a personal growth and development course, and to my horror, I realized I still hoped someone would rescue me and lift the load off my shoulders.
Sometimes, it’s good to be alone. I enjoy exploring alone—theatre, movies, dance, exhibitions and anything to do with the arts.
I believe kindness is the most important trait in a man.
Ghandi’s compassion, freedom, integrity and acceptance inspire me.
My most embarrassing moment was when my water bag burst at the entrance of Regent Hotel. I had to waddle over to the ladies’ room while dripping from my waterbag.
Deciding to stop playing victim and to take charge of my life was the best decision I ever made—deciding to leave my marriage and taking my child along with me.
I don’t really worry about anything, but I fear war and hatred.
My eyes are my best feature.
Ten years from now I’ll probably be sitting on the branch of a tree and laughing away with my grandchild.
I don’t think about success as I constantly strive to be the best that I can be.
My most common phrase is, “This too shall pass.”
Life is a journey and the joy is in the travelling. I am a work-in-progress and always will be.