Interview: Kien Lee of SENATUS.NET

My childhood was filled with idyllic days of recess and after-school sessions of soccer with classmates.

It was a wonderful time undistracted by computer games, smartphones and social networking online. “Networking” back then, consisted of inter-class games and extra-curricular activities.

I wanted to make movies as a kid. In fact, I finally registered the script treatment for a movie idea that’s been sitting in my head for the past 8 years. I’m looking to find a director and co-screenwriter next year and finally get this up and going!

You should never build something the market already wants, because when you’re done, everyone else has moved on.

I come across as highly competitive and elitist to my peers or “rivals” in the digital publishing industry. That’s not the case really. I’m always only looking to better SENATUS.NET.

I have a knack for seeing potential in people—looking beyond what someone has already done but what he/she can do.  Everyone who has worked with us has found a springboard to bigger and better things. That makes me feel highly gratified.

People who are not aware of how self-indulged they are amuse me.

Life is about loving what you do, evolving when compromises cannot be made, and finding time to appreciate everything around you.

I pretend I don’t know how entrenched relationships are in the magazine business, with advertisers, brand managers and so on, as it would be easy to get overwhelmed, discouraged and ultimately give up.

I collect beautiful pictures, and store them on my own website “in the cloud”. So nothing will ever be lost, nor lose color, so to speak.

Smoking is an unhealthy and dirty habit I picked up from my banking years. My wife has been nagging me to quit.

Social media is going to be a part of life, in how we communicate with friends and business associates.

I am curious to know if enough Singaporeans realize that their destinies are in their own hands, the jobs they wish to have, the salaries they wish to be paid, are a direct result of how good they have shaped themselves to be. No one else can do that for them, especially not the government.

I believe that if you seek to become excellent, the pay will sort itself out.

What will always pique my interest is someone who is tremendously skilled in the art they have chosen to do. This can range from a litigation lawyer to a ballet dancer.

I am a Buddhist, a religion of which the best practices and philosophies were instilled in me by my wife, who grew up in Thailand.