Interview: Mongkon Ponganutree for Archifest 2012

What kind of criteria did these companies have to meet to make the list?
We basically covered offices that were recently built or refurbished, making sure to include spaces of various sizes and many different fields of creative practices.
Was there anything the final 10 had in common?
No matter how big or small they were, all of them had an open plan concept so everyone in the office could communicate easily and exchange ideas with each other. Each office also tried to create an atmosphere that expressed who they were and what inspired them.
What does it mean to have your own creative space?
It’s important that you work in a space you feel comfortable in that is conducive for
creativity. You don’t need to have a big space or table, or anything elegant in the place, but it needs to have an inspiring ambiance so you and the members of your team can retain your creative energies.
What are the pros and cons of living as a creative in an urban and highly progressive environment?
A big advantage of living and working in a big city is access to all sorts of inspiration, including museums, galleries, events and people. The dynamism of city life can keep you fresh but can also tire you out. You just have to find a space where you can keep a good balance. In fact, this is a question we’re trying to explore further at Designing (in) the City.
Designing (in) the City is an Archifest event happening October 10, 7pm.