Listen to our five-song local band playlist

Listen to: “Not a Day”

Perfect if your hear’s always in the clouds, or if you’re traveling solo and doing the whole Eat, Pray, Love thing. Her dreamy tunes feature quirky mixes from her ukulele and looper.

Celina Kimble
Listen to: “Illusion”

Pop’s the way to go for this up-and-coming singer. Some songs are piano-driven, while others are accompanied by heavy dance beats. 

The Voodoo Sound
Listen to: “S.O.N”

Their influences include Rage Against The Machine and Linkin Park, with the occasional injection of traditional ethnic rhythms (classic Indian for example).

Listen to: “m.e.s.s.u.u.p (Mess You Up)”

LGF does a mix of English, CHinese songs; but all are generally dance-y and heavy on the electronic beats. 

Jonathan Meur
Listen to: “Strangers in Motion”

A fusion of folk, pop, rock and classical. Loads of easy-listening tracks for that slow Sunday drive. 

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