More Than Meets the Eye

We live in the multi-tasking revolution, with everyone a fan of doing many things simultaneously (and some rather poorly, we might add), so it’s only natural that a new breed of multipurpose furniture has taken hold. Offering simple and quick solutions for getting the most out of our living or work space, these pieces perform multiple tasks with a simple fold or flip. We handpicked some of the best so that you too can transform your environment.
What it is: A multi-functional coffee table.
Why we love it: If you suffer from a short attention span, then you’ll love this swing-up table top contraption. With Tavoflex, your coffee table now has the potential to be so much more—a work desk, a snack table or even additional storage space. Imagine having the remote control, laptop, notes and cookie jar all within your reach as you do your work—now that’s what we call being productive (or just plain lazy).
$99 from Häfele, #03-00 Nutzcentre, 68 Sungei Kadut Loop,

What it is: We’re not quite sure. But it sure looks cool.
Why we love it: Installation art aficionados will love the sheer ambiguity of this piece designed by Brit design collective El Ultimo Grito. The Mico is the perfect centerpiece for any home or gallery. It also moonlights as a chair or a play toy for children (OK, so we do know what it is). According to the designers, the Mico allows “children to explore the object as an aid to play by defining physical functions they can perform, or by creating their own associations and stories around the objects through intellectual engagement.”
$470 from XTRA, #01-01 Park Mall, 9 Penang Rd., 6336-0688.
What it is: A freestanding monolith that transforms into a furniture set.
Why we love it: Collect a few of these and you can make your own Stonehenge right in your living room or backyard. Designed by Dutchman Frank Ligthart for German furniture brand Dedon, the towering Obelisk is an impressive piece of engineering. It’s a sculpture formed with 4 lounge chairs and a cocktail table. You stack the chairs on top of the table to form the obelisk when you want more space.
$12,820 from XTRA, #01-01/02 Winsland House 1, 3 Killiney Rd.,

Trey Chair
, More Than Meets the EyeWhat it is: An office chair that transforms into a rocker, foot stool, laptop desk and side table. Ingenious!
Why we love it: This chair knows more positions than the Kama Sutra! It springs into action with one swift flip of the latch, transforming into a rocking chair complete with rails for balance. The base becomes a side table, footrest, or extra seat. Just perfect for that Halo 3 showdown on the Xbox. Even Megatron would be impressed.
From $330 at
Two Tops Table
What it is: A dining table that transforms into a work table., More Than Meets the Eye
Why we love it: Like all Singaporeans, the idea of work is ingrained in our consciousness. Working is second nature, after eating. The Two Tops Table is perfect for those who want to score brownie points by bringing work home. Designed by the illustrious Marcel Wanders, it utilizes the space under the tabletop with ingenuity, creating a recess for dreaded work implements like laptops, notebooks and such, thus saving precious space. Something noteworthy (in our books) is the modern/traditional mix in the overall design.
$8,890 from SPACE Furniture, 2/F Millenia Walk, 9 Raffles Blvd, 6415-0000.
Not into avant garde? Get your retro fix here:
Lorgan’s Retro Store
Founded by entrepreneur Lorgan Wong, this funky loft is stocked with the coolest pieces of furniture inspired by the 40s through 70s. Be prepared to engage in a bit of exciting time travel with stuff like a 60s pod chair equipped with a mini sound system and Art Deco ashtrays as you browse his vintage collection sourced from all over the world.
#01-03 Century Warehouse, 100E Pasir Panjang Rd., 6272-4988
The Heritage Shop
If antiques make you spin with excitement, go to one of Singapore’s oldest neighborhoods and pop by this collectibles haven, which houses a mammoth collection of homeware like tiffin tins, posters from the 50s and pretty china sets. Truly old school. #01-01, 93 Jalan Sultan, 6223-7982
Like That One
As its name suggests, all you need to do is recall that piece of furniture that you liked in the past and chances are you’ll find it here—remixed. Owners Belle and Cheu combine vintage California-style furnishings with local flavor and make creative artworks out of bamboo chairs, hotel lobby paintings and old suitcases.
#09-04 Skytech, 2 Bukit Batok St. 24, 9125-1492