Singapore Sparks Interview: Daryl Arnold of Newton Circus

Can you give us an example of what you do?
We came up with Swaytrain, a site that directs a portion of your online shopping dollars to a charity of your choice, and recently showcased a photography exhibition that discusses the meaning of poverty here.
Has it been tough starting out?
It’s not just about being able to financially sustain the business. There is the emotional side of constantly dealing with rejection, especially when your commitment and passion for a new concept is not necessarily shared by everyone.
What do you aim to achieve?
We believe “doing good is good business” and Singapore is the perfect place to pilot new concepts. Hopefully, our on-going initiative UP Singapore, which works on improving urban environments through the creative use of technology and data, will have a positive impact.
Why do you admire those who help the under-served and isolated?
Time is priceless; it’s not something you can ever get back, which is why it’s important to recognize the people who dedicate their time to helping others.
It’s interesting that your bio says you “hustle those less fortunate on the squash courts of Singapore”.
My co-founder Jason was having some fun when he wrote that. It just means that I love squash, compete a lot and am very supportive of its development here.
Any tips on sustaining a start-up?
Be very clear on what you’re out to achieve and what success looks like. This makes it easier for you to keep your feet on the ground during the good times and get through the tough times.