Singaporean’s Favorite Fantasies

It seems that engaging in orgies is (still) the Holy Grail (OK, maybe not so holy) of most Singaporeans’ sexual fantasies. We have people saying they are aching for threesomes, foursomes, fivesomes or even doing it with the whole national dragon boat team and rugby players (ahem, are you sure you have the stamina?).
Other saucy fantasies bring us into the world of S&M and role-playing, with people wishing they were playing masters and whipping things up and spanking the asses of celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Johnny Depp and Robbie Williams. Dream on people, dream on, we say.
The more exhibitionistic fantasize about getting it on at spots to the likes of fire stations, elevators, lifts, buses, trains, snow mountains (brrr…) and yes—even on the Merlion (we bet the Singapore Tourism Board will have a fit, but it will definitely be a sight).

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