Car fanatic Eric Siow

Are you a speed junkie?
Is that a trick question? I’m a good Singapore citizen. Speeding is illegal in Singapore, you know. The only times when I’ve had traffic tickets were those when I was out of the country. Anyway, I think speeding is overrated. I prefer going at 100km per hour down the twisties than 200km per hour on a straight. Maybe that’s just me.
What’s the cheesiest car design you’ve ever seen?
It was a Mercedes. I think it was an early ’90s model, like a 180 or 200 E class. It was done up in bright yellow with a smoke lamp and it has the most hideous body kit with carbon fiber bits. It looked like moldy cheese running on the road.

If your car could talk, like in the movie Knight Rider, what do you think is the first thing it would say?
“We don’t talk anymore. You’re spending less and less time with me nowadays. Sob sob.” I think that’s what she would say. It’s true. I’ve not been spending time with my car since I started my business with a partner, especially with the forum Motorsports Asia that we’re putting together.
Many people refer to their cars as their “second wives.” Do you think this is healthy?
It’s perfectly healthy. I think what’s not healthy is when the “second wife” is a person!
Do you get irritated at people sticking cartoon stickers in their cars?
Not at all, but it depends on what sort of car. If the stickers are found on cute cars the likes of Beetles and Minis, I think it’s alright. It would really make my day to see a Tiny Toons sticker on the bumper of a Murcielago.