Magician Jeremy Pei

If magic is illusion, are magicians deceivers?
I like to call us entertainers rather then deceivers!
And what’s one illusion you wish you could do?
I would love to turn a landmark building in Singapore invisible for a moment and then bring it back. That would be something no one in Singapore has done before.
Why must illusionists have a beautiful assistant? Is it to distract the audience?
I guess one of the reasons is that we don’t want to have ugly assistants! Kidding. Magic as a form of performing art involves factors such as acting, dance and music as well. If there is sex appeal, the show will sell better. And yes, magicians use a lot of misdirection in their acts; the female assistant can be one.
What’s hot in the world of magic right now?
The latest craze is street magic, made popular by David Blaine. We have also seen newer and more modern presentations performed by Criss Angel and Cyril Takayama. However, stage magic is still hot. There is an Olympics of magic held every three years whereby magicians compete with their manipulative stage acts and illusions.
Wow. And are magicians tied by any oath not to reveal the secrets behind magic tricks?
In Singapore, we have two societies called the Singapore Association of Magicians (SAM) and the International Brotherhood of Magicians ring 115 (IBM Rings 115). Members are committed to the rule of non-exposure for our magic. However, I do teach simple magic tricks to friends. I don’t teach them stuff that I use to make money. I also share deeper secrets with local magicians through special workshops.