Weapon of choice

Most Singaporean males seem to be fairly boring when it comes to their choice of objects to please themselves. We received more or less predictable answers like panties, lingerie, pillows, toilet rolls and socks (we hope they’re washed). But we did get a few puzzling answers such as frozen watermelons, CDs, face masks, wheels, lamb and even, erm, a squid (it’s dead, right?) that really got us scratching our heads (no, not that, the other one).
On the other hand, Singaporean females seem to exhibit more variety—and imagination—when it comes to playing with themselves. We had dildos, vibrators, bananas, pens, carrots, cooked sausages, markers, shower heads, screwdrivers, remote controls, combs, test tubes and beer bottles (careful there), but the answers that blow us away were Barbie dolls, dad’s belts and Spiderman figurines. Gosh, one even confessed to using a porcupine (ouch!).

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