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1. A phrase coined by Singapore’s PM Lee in mid-2012 to describe his preferred process for change.
“I would become messy selectively. There are some areas where you must accept that you cannot do things in a linear or hierarchical way.”

2. A nonsensical oxymoron. A contradiction in terms. Like fine fusion food. Or a Singaporean superstar.

3. How Singaporeans like to get drunk.
“We should go get sort of, kind of, somewhat wasted. Just sit out by the river and get messy selectively. Josh can get messy but Audrey should stay sober so someone is still responsible.”

4. Description of a painful, drawn-out break-up or divorce in which the parties fight tooth and claw, but only at pre-agreed times, for approved periods and on mutually consensual topics.
“How’s it going with you and Alice?”
“I dunno, man. It’s messy, but messy selectively, you know?”
“Not really.”

5. Term of endearment for the Lions players. Used by online fans too excited to pay attention to proper spelling.
“Wah Shahril Ishak, so good! He play like messy selectively.”

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