Bored Game

The world’s first two-sided Monopoly board was launched last week. MONOPOLY Singapore: Then and Now offers players the chance to play with a tiffin carrier on one side or a cabriolet on the other, pay with paper money or do their banking electronically, explore Oxley Estate or its latter-day incarnation ION Orchard. Yawn.After the distinctly one-sided praise for the last local makeover—2005’s Uniquely Singapore edition—we’re overdue something exciting. Hasbro? If you’re listening, here are some ideas for the next one.The Far Future. A complete overhaul, with all former properties abandoned. The country, rebranded as The Singapore Sands®, now occupies a slice of reclaimed land moored far from the threat of neighboring nations. House tokens are gone and only hotels can be erected.Foreign Invasion! Drawing on elements of that other popular board game RISK, players can choose to play as either a wealthy PR intent on buying up all the prime property or else as a lowly local who must play for twenty five years before buying a single flat.Tiong Bahru Takeover. With each circuit of the board, players find themselves landing on properties that didn’t exist five minutes earlier. In place of Community Chest payments, players must order from an extravagant coffee menu. In short order, even the wealthiest property owners find themselves priced out of the game.My Grandfather Game. Pass Go can already. Take Chance pay price.Government Extension. The most popular Monopoly of the last 50 years, now with double the number of rules!The Amazing Races. Go for broke with the world’s first four-sided edition, a tetrahedron with Chinese, Malay, Indian and English versions all co-existing in the same small space. Officially, the same rules apply for all.