Eye, Eye

Applications to be among the first to get your hands on Google’s groundbreaking new Glass, the awesome/creepy augmented reality eyewear that displays all kinds of interesting info just above your sightline, are now closed. Hopefuls were invited to submit their most creative ideas for how they’d use the new product, using the hashtag #ifihadglass. Here we hazard a guess at some of the submissions they might have received from Singapore.

#ifihadglass I would have a bullshit monitor to tell me what percentage of the newspaper story I’m reading is propaganda

#ifihadglass I’d enjoy looking around the room at Filter to find out how many people paid for their table and how many are freeloading

#ifihadglass I would immediately sell them on eBay because my Fendi shades look like 200x better

#ifihadglass I could take pictures of every meal I ever eat! Oh wait, I do that already

#ifihadglass I’d wear them to bed and fall asleep at night by counting the number of taxis heading to Ang Mo Kio

#ifihadglass then I’d have to make eye contact with other human beings on the MRT. Scary!

#ifihadglass no one would pay for my cutesy cupcake smartphone app anymore?

#ifihadglass would I still need my Pure Fitness membership? I’m already gonna look like the Terminator in these bad boys right?

#ifihadglass and that neat indoor navigation feature was built in, then I’d have like ninja-level chope skills in the hawker center

#ifihadglass would that mean I have to start using Android? no iOS Glass?