How to Ring in the New Year with a Kiss

New Year’s Eve is the BEST night of the year to meet a new romantic partner. Almost everybody goes out on New Year’s Eve, even women who don’t normally go partying. And this is your chance to meet them.
Here are my top three tips for anyone who wants to ring in the New Year with a bang. I’ve directed these tips at the guys, but I trust the women will find this interesting, too.
1. Have Fun Before You Arrive
Everything else depends on this. If YOU are not having fun, nobody will want to be around you. If you ARE having fun, everybody will be drawn to you.
Start having fun before you even arrive at the party. Talk to at least three groups of people on your way over to warm up your social muscles. Joke around with your friends. Listen to music you really like.
2. Arrive Early and Work the Room
On this night every year, the traffic is horrendous, every venue charges crazy entry rates, and the streets and trains are packed. So you’ll probably go to one party or club and stay there at least until midnight.
Since you and everybody else will be staying in one place for most of the night, use this to your advantage. Everyone will have plenty of time to observe, scan, and judge you, even before you talk to them. So make sure the ladies see you in a good light—as the fun guy who has a lot of friends. Remember: Girls like guys that other girls like.
Arrive early and “work the room.” Say “cheers” to the first friendly group you see. Exchange names and pleasantries for a few minutes. Then move on to the next group beside you. Repeat this process several times.
When the crowd really starts pumping around 11pm, you’ll already feel at home and know many people there. When everybody around you is laughing, having fun, and trying to talk with you, women notice and become interested and attracted, even before you notice them.
3. Have a Post-Countdown Game Plan
Don’t expect that after you hit it off with a girl, you’ll be able to saunter outside and just hop in a cab home. Traffic will be horrible and cabs impossible to get.
Have a post-countdown game plan prepared. It’ll be too late if you wait until that night to go looking for a hotel room for your after-party. Plan how you’re going to take your after-party out of the club to a more private location.
David Tian, Ph.D., is a dating expert based in Singapore. You can reach him at [email protected]. Get more dating tips at