Kiss the Rings

Is Singapore getting ready to bid for the 2020 Games? Cameras in London over the weekend caught our Olympic delegation at the Opening Ceremony furiously scribbling notes in preparation…

This Danny Boyle puts on quite a show! Provocative film-maker who made his name with a story of drugs and violence… Somebody call Royston Tan?? The censors can help us keep it short and bring costs down.

Don’t really understand these boring scenes of pastoral life and timid sheep… Reminder to feature marauding wild boar and pick-pocketing monkeys when we do ours.

Apparently public healthcare is a real crowd-pleaser. Look at all these dancing nurses! What if we set the whole thing in a polyclinic?

Now David Beckham’s speeding down the Thames. LKY? On a retired Ducktours boat? Racing past Zouk??

Are we going to need new mascots? Does anyone know what have Lyo and Merly been doing since the YOG? Are they still in school? Better check they haven’t been caught up in any sex-for-grades scandals…

Geez but this is dragging on a bit. Guess it’ll help that we only have 47 not 470 years of history to run through.

Wow, the Brits have a lot of good music eh? Olivia Ong & Natanya Tan just aren’t going to cut it

Loving the scene in which James Bond meets The Queen! Maybe Kumar could stand in for Her Royal Highness?

Who let these kids out of school to light the flame?!!?!