Many Questions

It’s that time again! That time when we run out of time to prepare a proper editorial and so revert to a multiple choice news quiz! Pencils at the ready…

1) In this year’s May Day Speech, PM Lee assured us he was strengthening what?

a. His glutes, in time for the Sundown Marathon
b. Social safety nets
c. The bullet-proof, gold-plated toilet door at the Istana

2) How did the owner of a $1M Ferrari discover that valets at RWS had taken his car for an hour-long joyride last week?

a. They couldn’t afford the entry fee to get back on to Sentosa and had to text him
b. Bumblebee, the Transformer from Universal Studios, told him
c. Footage from an in-car camera

3) Lucky Plaza just announced it was modifying its automated flood defences. But why?

a. To give Filipina workers more space to dance
b. To increase the chances of the place flooding, so they can start over
c. A dull, technical reason that really shouldn’t have been front page news

4) What did someone recently scrawl on the Cenotaph Memorial?

a. Please, no more F1
b. Democracy
c. Singapore Rugby Lads Woz ‘Ere

5) DBS, UOB and OCBC found themselves in the Top 10 what earlier this month?

a. Bloomberg’s ranking of the world’s strongest banks
b. Gloomberg’s ranking of banks with the world’s hardest-to-find ATMs
c. A global poll to find the Most Exciting Things to See in Singapore, later discovered to have been rigged [They were actually all tied at number 11]

6)    A table for 10 at the Social Star Awards happening at MBS later in May costs how much?

a.    More money than sense
b.    More money than sense
c.    More money than sense (or $32,888)