Movie Magic

The controversial decision to spend $12m buying three full-sized dinosaur skeletons. The ripping up of miles of metalwork along the old railway line. And the still hazy detail surrounding the River Safari. Coincidence? We think not. It’s time to reveal the big secret to the world: Jurassic Park is coming, folks! How else to explain the endless rehearsals for National Day? Those fly-bys and fireworks sure are convenient as a means of masking the sound of giant cages being hammered into place, of squealing newborn raptors and cheering mad scientists.We certainly hope those cages will hold (although we can’t help thinking that a few marauding T Rexes would solve the stray cat problem in no time). But Jurassic Park isn’t the only film we can seek inspiration from. Given the resounding success of the Transformers franchise here, maybe it’s time we looked more seriously at sprinkling some Spielbergian magic onto our everyday lives.Duel, Part II. The classic tale of a driver being pursued by a faceless, maniacal truck set new standards for cinematic tension. This weekend we have a chance to top that with our very own duel, as Singapore takes on Malaysia in a World Cup qualifier. The franchise looks set to run and run, too, with Malaysia Cup Fever (Quick, call the NEA! Remove all standing water!) once more gripping the nation. Here’s hoping it doesn’t all end with the opposition plummeting into a ravine.Poltergetai. The Hungry Ghost Festival happens at the end of the month, and there’s a renewed push to have getai formally recognized as an important piece of local cultural heritage. What better way to spice things up (as if getai’s problem is a lack of spice…) than by introducing a malevolent invisible force (codename: ERP) into the mix.Raiders of the Lost Opportunity. Starring the URA as the potential bad guy, who may yet emerge as hero if it preserves that KTM railway line. Early test screenings show most people are rooting for a happy ending.Close Encounters of the Bird Kind. We’re pitching this one to Wildlife Reserves. Seriously, guys. Without a little drama, how else are you going to persuade people to schlep out to Jurong?