Mr KIA Dec 16

Dear Mr Know It All,
It’s the festive season and I would like to impress my future mother-in-law with some proper sweet treats for Christmas. The problem is that she’s allergic to eggs and gelatin, and I’m domestically hopeless. Where can I shop for some quality vegetarian cakes and cookies?—Egg No

Dear Egg No,
With the ever increasing number of fastidious health-conscious folks around, it’s no surprise there are a couple of options on the island. A quality choice would be Delcie’s Desserts & Cakes (951 Upper Serangoon, 6282-2951) for a selection of guilt-free organic, vegan and vegetarian Christmas inspired delights such as log cakes and cranberry loaves which are made without eggs, dairy or even cane sugar. If you would like to sample more presumably wholesome goodies, you could also try Hitesh (9457-4923, [email protected]) who specializes in vegetarian cakes and fudges made without eggs and gelatin.