Mr KIA Jul 6

Dear Mr KIA,
I’m a visitor who’ll only be in Singapore for a year. Do you know where I can rent some furniture?—Frantic Foreigner

Dear Frantic Foreigner,
Try Lian Huat Leasing (535 Kaki Bukit View, 6844-1711). They’re a trusted company, having been around since 1985. Lease periods run from one to 36 months. They also provide delivery, set-up and pick-up services (free for long-term rental and $60 for short-term ones). They will even perform free repairs on items you’ve rented. Get a king-sized teak bed for $195. Another option is Expats Furniture Rental (1 Bukit Batok Crescent, 6276-7606). Delivery and set-up is free for long-term leases (more than a year) while short-term leases cost $100. King-sized beds go for $150.