Mr KIA Jun 24

Dear Mr. Know-It-All,
I’ve tried using extra concealer under my eyes to make my eye bags seem less obvious but only ended up looking like someone going for a Halloween party. Where can I go to for some makeup advice? – Makeup Mess
Dear MM,
Rather than just treating the symptoms, might I suggest rejigging your life to squeeze in a good night’s sleep? In the meantime, visit DeCharacter Image (#02-01, 30 Purvis St., 6334-9476) and sign up for any one of their eye beauty courses and receive a complimentary pair of falsies. Alternatively, if you’re that keen on makeup and might even considering making a career out of it, pop by Cosmoprof Academy (#04-06, 1 Selegie Rd., PoMo, 6339-3325) for a diploma in personal and professional makeup artistry.