Mr KIA Oct 28

Dear Mr. KIA,
With over 1,000 years of recorded history as a place where people from around the world gathered to trade, there must be wonders in Singapore waiting to be discovered. To my horror, overseas treasure hunters are well aware of this. One American came here, searched our beaches and left with dozens of gold and silver rings along with mountains of coins. For myself and for my country, I can’t stand idly by any longer. Where can I get a metal detector? – The Seeker

Dear TS,
That’s sensational. I’ve always thought that there must be some treasure out there, gold from the days of the Sultan, silver from the years of the Empire and money from the drunk revelers and chalet guests from last weekend. Visit Minelab to have a look at the detectors they have available. Their products are split into “Adventure,” “Treasure,” “Gold” and “Countermine.” Once you’ve decided on one which suits your needs, get in touch with Advanced Marine (1 Gul St. 4, 6265-8122) and they’ll be able to assist in ordering one for you. Dig that? Additionally, since you’ll be limited to beaches in your adventures (you’re not really allowed to dig up private lawns and public fields), you might want to join up with the National Heritage Board and the Singapore Heritage Society who have organized archaeological digs in the past.
Dear Mr. KIA,
I’ll be organizing a Sweet 30 in a couple of weeks for my hubby. He feels quite over the hill now, so I’ve decided to treat him to a night on the town with his best mates in some hot wheels we would never be able to afford. Could you tell us where to rent a limousine for a day? – Jazzy Jessie

Dear JJ,
Lotus Limousines (47 Club St., 9116-1150) has just what you’re looking for. You might’ve noticed their crazy Chrysler 300C stretch limo around town. It’s got a plush J seat that fits eight, a killer sound system, two LCD TVs, mood lighting and a Champagne chiller. A two-way transfer (within 80 minutes) will cost $500, while a city cruise will set you back $318 an hour. Ring for other rates. Your man might also enjoy being able to drive his own exotic speed machine, which you can arrange at Ace Drive (#01-01/02 Frontier, 50 Ubi Ave. 3, 6585-5555) or Luxe Car Rental (#01-06 Cendex Centre, 120 Lower Delta Rd., 6278-7800). Ace specializes in Porsches, Audis, BMWs, Mercedes Benzes and Maseratis with rates starting at $168 a day. Luxe, on the other hand, is where you can get your hands on a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin or Bentley. Rates start at $388, but you can expect to pay $3,988 to have a Gallardo Spyder at your disposal for a day.